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Supreme Detail Supply

Plastic Trim Coating

Plastic Trim Coating

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Revive the flawless black elegance of your trim with Supreme Detail Supply's Plastic Trim Ceramic Coating. Designed specifically for faded trim, our innovative solution not only restores its original beauty but also provides long-lasting protection.

Say goodbye to dull and worn-out trim. Our Plastic Trim Ceramic Coating works wonders, delivering a natural finish that will leave your trim looking factory new. With our no-paint solution, you can effortlessly restore the perfect black tone to your trim.

But that's not all. Our ceramic coating goes beyond restoration. It forms a protective shield, safeguarding your trim from fading, wear, and other potential hazards. With this remarkable finish, your trim will stay protected and maintain its fresh appearance for an extended period.

Experience the benefits of our Plastic Trim Ceramic Coating. Its hydrophobic properties ensure water rolls off effortlessly, keeping your trim looking pristine even during rainy conditions. Additionally, its easy application process allows for hassle-free usage, making it accessible to all car enthusiasts.

Choose Supreme Detail Supply's Plastic Trim Ceramic Coating for a restorative and protective solution that provides a natural finish, reviving your trim to its former glory.
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