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Ceramic Coating: Quartz Coating

Ceramic Coating: Quartz Coating

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The SDS Ceramic Quartz Coating protects your car from UV damage, staining, gives a deep shine, and creates a very hydrophobic layer leaving the surface easy to clean!  

Apply to:
Painted parts
Plastic headlight/taillights

Do not apply to:
Fresh paint jobs, low quality paint jobs
Plastic trim

Application Method:
Apply to a cool surface out of direct sunlight
Clean well and degrease, polish, decontaminate surface
Apply coating to applicator of choice
Product should be applied in a crisscross pattern #
Let stand for approximately 30 second to 1 min
Wipe off with plush microfiber towel, use 2nd towel for final wipe

Curing times (approx):
Dry to the touch: 4 hours at 73 degrees and 50% humidity
Full cure: 24 hours at 73 degrees and 50% humidity
Heat Lamp Curing times:
Dry to the touch: 5 min at 300 degrees F
Full cure: 30 min at 300 degrees F

Key Features of SDS Quartz Coating:
Very Hydrophobic
Chemical Resistance
Smooth surface
Extreme Gloss

Factors of SDS Quartz Coating:
Durability up to 5 years
Chemical Resistance 12>pH>1
Salt water and moisture resistance: Yes
Hardness 7H
Temp durability: 520 degrees F
Application Temp Range: 40-85 degrees F
Water contact angle: 97 degrees
Gloss rating: 93 
Thickness: .3-.4 microns

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