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Supreme Detail Supply

Ceramic Quartz

Ceramic Quartz

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Introducing Supreme Detail Supply's revolutionary offering: Quartz 9H Pro. Meticulously crafted by professionals, this expert solution guarantees an unparalleled level of perfection, transforming your vehicle's surface into an extraordinary masterpiece. Prepare to revel in a magnificently smooth, astonishingly glossy, and hydrophobic finish that stands the test of time, boasting an impressive lifespan of up to 5 years while maintaining a remarkable grade 3 chemical resistance.

Our cutting-edge formula delivers a level of durability that surpasses expectations, creating an imperceptible shield that safeguards your vehicle's exterior against the harshest elements. From chemicals and UV rays to water, oil, scratches, and oxidation, nothing can penetrate this invisible barrier. The secret lies in our state-of-the-art Nano-technology, which seamlessly integrates itself with the surface, rendering the protection practically inseparable from your prized possession.

With our unique formulation, multiple layers of Quartz 9H Pro can be applied, resulting in an increased thickness that fortifies the protective layer. Experience unparalleled peace of mind as this robust defense reaches a substantial depth of up to 800nm, providing a formidable shield for your vehicle's surface.

Choose Supreme Detail Supply's Quartz 9H Pro for an unmatched level of quality and protection, ensuring that your vehicle shines with a brilliance that will turn heads and withstand the test of time.

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