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Ceramic Coating: Graphene Coating

Ceramic Coating: Graphene Coating

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The SDS Graphene Coating is an easy to apply nano coating infused with graphene for improved durability, hydrophobic effects, cleanability, and a deeper shine over other ceramic coatings.  Along with those benefits, the car will look deeper and become more scratch and stain resistant!

Can be applied to:
Metals and Alloys
Painted Surfaces
Thermosets and Thermoplastics
Composite Materials

Key Features of the SDS Graphene Coating
Durability up to 5 years
Water and oil repellency
Chemical Resistance
UV resistance
Ease of cleaning
Scratch resistance
Increased gloss effect 
Depth and Clarity of the surface

How to use:
Surface should be cool and out of direct sunlight
Clean and Prep surface to be coated
Apply coating to applicator
Spread across surface in a crisscross pattern #
Wait approximately 30 seconds to remove using a plush MF towel
Buff with a second Plush towel

Product is also SPRAYABLE:
Use a .8mm nozzle HVLP gun
Stand 1-1.5 feet from surface
Spray using a crisscross overlapping pattern 
Surface should be haze free once completed
Final wipe as needed
Single layer application 

Curing times (approx):
Dry to the touch: 4 hours at 73 degrees and 50% humidity
Full cure: 24 hours at 73 degrees and 50% humidity

Heat Lamp Curing times:
Dry to the touch: 5 min at 300 degrees F
Full cure: 30 min at 300 degrees F

Chemical Resistance: 12>ph>1
Salt Water and Moisture resistance: Yes
Pencil Hardness :7H
Thickness: 1/2 Micron 
Ideal install temp range: 40F - 85F
Temp durability up to: 525F
Water contact angle 104 degrees
Gloss rate: 95


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