Graphene Coating

Graphene Coating

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Our best coating offering gives your car unbelievable depth and wetness, gloss and clarity. White colors get insanely glossy, darks get very wet looking with very deep reflections. This two part coating application will give approximately 1 micron of additional thick glass layer on the paintwork.

How to use:
You may apply the product on a small section of a side window to gauge how quickly the product will dry at a given temperature. This way, you can apply the product to smaller sections to compensate for faster drying.

Step 1. Wipe on SDS Graphene coating, covering an entire panel evenly with a thin coat. Any “touch-ups” of missed spots should be done after the initial product has been buffed (step 2). If additional coats are desired, wait until the initial coating is fully hardened (1-4 Hours).

Step 2. Approximately 1-5 minutes after application (depending on temperature and humidity) to the panel, gently buff to a gloss with a dry microfiber towel. Do not allow the product to dry completely.

Step 3. If you notice any missed spots after buffing, you can re-treat the spot with the coating and re-buff the area with a microfiber towel immediately.

Step 4. Always test an inconspicuous area to confirm compatibility, pay special attention to airbrushed or custom paintwork.

Step 5. Be sure to check all areas after application to make sure no spots need re-buffing.

Step 6. Ready for light / dry driving after 8 hrs. Product cures within 4 hours. Coating will exhibit additional hardening over the next 7-14 days depending on humidity in the air.
3-5+ years depending on use and care

Paint, wheels

Sizes available:

On a scale of 1-10:
Gloss = 10
Slickness = 10
Water repellency = 9
Chemical resistance = 10
Scratch resistance = 10
Pollution resistance = 10
Ease of use = 9