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Ceramic Coating: PPF Nano-Coat

Ceramic Coating: PPF Nano-Coat

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SDS PPF Coating is going to add more hydrophobics and UV protection to all PPF and Vinyl films while making them much more easy to maintain clean!  Works great on clear, matte satin surfaces.

Application technique:
Clean film properly prior to applying the coating
Apply coating to applicator of choice
Wipe coating onto surface in a crisscross pattern #
Wait approximately 60 seconds before wiping (varies on temp/humidity)
Using a plush microfiber towel, remove bulk of residue coating
Use a second towel to perform a final buff before moving to the next panel
Approximately 60 minutes after, apply a second layer (ensuring proper coverage on top and into the film)

Dry Time:
Dry to touch: 6 hours
24hour curing
48 hour full cure before washing

Key Features:
High hydrophobics
Higher chemical resistance
Smooth to touch
Easy to clean

Up to two years

Chemical Resistance: 12>pH>1
Salt water Resistance: Yes
Moisture Resistance: Yes
Application temp range: 40-85F
Water Contact Angle: 102


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